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Yoga Private Space is an exclusive yoga boutique which provides an intimate environment for individuals or private groups of up to 5 people. Traditionally, yoga was taught from teacher to student and it’s this spirit that we wan’t to continue.

We are located in the green area of Vienna, close to Vienna International Center and far from the busy city. This setting provides you with the the ideal time-out so that you can discover your own well being and tap into your individual happiness through multi-faceted yoga coaching sessions without any outside disturbances.

If you are looking for a personal space where you can practice yoga safely within like minded individuals than you have come to the right place. Say goodbye to over-crowded main stream yoga studios and say hello to Yoga Private Space, a place where you can truly focus on your yoga studies.


Yoga Private Space offers a wide range of 10-week courses for all levels and special times for single private yoga sessions. Each course provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere where you will instantly feel like home. After the session you can take a shower with soothing gels and natural oils for your skin. For a small fee you can borrow towels and rent a storage for your mat.

All courses are designed for different levels and personal needs. Choose from beginners classes like Gentle Flow and Back Yoga or more intermediate classes such as Yogalates, Power Flow or Runners Flow. To those who suffer or recover from an injury, i would recommend Therapy Yoga or Pranayama courses. Early birds can kick-start their mornings with an energizing Rise & Shine session and if you are looking for a little extra push you can always join our Mysore classes.

If you want to have Irina’s 100% attention for yourself or share your class with your partner, you’ll find more info about Yoga Private Sessions below. Contact me here and book your appointment now!

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About Irina

Hi, my name is Irina, founder of Yoga Private Space. I came across a little yoga studio in Vienna and decided to pursue a project that’s already been on my mind for a while now. Most people who’ve met me would say that teaching yoga is my one true calling. I would agree. I didn’t just wake up one day and decided to be a yoga teacher. Yoga has found its way into my life and changed it for the better.

My studies throughout the years have taught me to discover my own happiness and inner beauty, how to live consciously and be in control of my own life.

It’s exactly this wisdom which I have acquired through further education in various yoga traditions in India that I’m keen to pass on, so that you can experience first-hand how it feels to manage life with ease.

As a former project manager and personal assistant, I myself know how hard it can be to maintain a healthy balance between work, rest and play. By teaching group and corporate classes as well as private clients from all walks of live since 2009, I’ve gathered the know-how to tend to all your individual needs, understand your background and can show you how yoga can have an immediate and positive impact on your well being which will spread through all aspects of your life.

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Say hello with 0043  (0) 664 274 8687

Want to know more about Yoga Private Space? Interested in my luxury treatments and exclusive offers? Don’t hesitate to call me or drop me a mail with the form below!

All the best, Irina

Happy clients

Due to my back problems I started to practice Yoga 7 months ago. Although students in Irina’s group Yoga class had different level in the class, she managed to cover the diverse needs of all students.
Irina is an ideal teacher; I was able to experience her enthusiasm and expertise already in the group class. She loves and lives Yoga and its plays a major role in her own life; you can feel well it in each of her group or private classes. Through her first I understood what Yoga really means and I can only highly recommend attending Yoga classes with Irina.
Ronald, Product Manager
Those who have been practicing yoga for a few years at some point stop enjoying group classes as much as they used to, realising that they need more individual approach and coaching. This is exactly how I came to Irina’s classes as I immediately saw in her a teacher who is attentive to my personal needs and ambitions and from whom I can learn a lot about my body and soul. Each class with Irina evolves along its own path, and she manages to capture my mood and interest in yoga which can differ from day to day. Thanks a lot, Irina!
Marina, Diplomat